Customer Service

Huimai has used the best products to provide users with the best service tenet, set up after-sales service agencies, formulate user service rules and corresponding management systems, and established a relatively complete after-sales service guarantee system.

1. The company implements the free service for the product within one year of the warranty period, and implements the lifetime paid service after the warranty period.

2. The company selects experienced engineers and technicians to provide consulting services for users and extend services for users according to user needs.

3. Respond to the quality questions reflected by the user within 24 hours.

4. Grasp the user information feedback work.

5. User information contact system, the salesperson information contact is not less than 2 times within one year.

6. Adhere to the decentralized user system that the department manager is responsible for, not less than 2 times a year.

7. Create user profiles and implement computer management.

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