PVC veneer anti-static floor

Product description 
The PVC veneer is adhered to the surface of the all-steel floor, making full use of the static electricity network formed between the interfaces of the plastic particles, so that it has a permanent anti-static function, and the appearance surface resembles a marble pattern, which has a good decorative effect. It is suitable for the process of purifying and anti-static, such as program-controlled computer room, computer room, electric dispatching room, clean and purification workshop, etc. in telecommunications, electronic power, microelectronics, medicine and other industries.


• Effectively prevent static electricity; flame retardant, dustproof, non-slip, rust, stain, and chemical resistant products;
• Imported glue veneer, strong abrasion resistance, no foaming, no degumming; steel shell electrostatic spray, soft light, wear-resistant. Strong decoration;
• Adopting the latest “cross rib” structure, super load bearing pressure and high surface flatness
• Four-way support, easy installation and flexible assembly. The lower space can be used as air conditioning for ventilation and easy maintenance.

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