OA wiring trough network floor (freestyle)

An overhead trunking floor for an office building, comprising a plurality of floor bodies, characterized in that it further comprises a plurality of blocks and a plurality of floor bodies arranged to form a movable slot floor, the movable trunking floor being a hollow wiring floor. The utility model can reasonably arrange the movable trunking floor between the floor bodies, and integrate the overhead floor and the trunking, which can not only reduce the installed floor height, improve the utilization rate of the floor space, but further improve the floor space. Function, the various lines are arranged through the wire trough to any position in the office, the wiring is more flexible, and the strong and weak electricity can be separated and separated according to the national regulations, and the wiring grooves are separated by color or mark, which is convenient for the next time. Integrated wiring and maintenance. In addition, as long as the wiring is opened, the board slot cover can be wired and repaired, saving time, labor, and cost.

Static load Dynamic load
Ultimate load
Concentrated load
Uniform load
Rolling load(N)
Impact load
FS700 3115 14300 2300 450 9950
FS800 3560 16400 2450 450 11200
FS1000 4450 24500 3760 680 14500
FS1250 5560 35050 4650 680 18360
FS1500 6675 39280 5760 680 22170
Size 500*500±0.3mm;600*600±0.3mm; 609.4*609.4±0.3mm;675*675±0.3mm;
Flatness ≦0.5mm

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