Wood based anti-static floor (covering)

1. Effectively prevent static electricity; B2 grade flame retardant, non-slip, soundproof, dustproof, anti-fouling;
2. the surface wear resistance is strong, no foaming, no degumming;
3. Surrounding support, structural and pressure resistance;
4. The appearance is beautiful and generous, the decorative effect is good;
5. Simple installation, strong interchangeability, easy wiring inspection

The floor is made of high-density flame-retardant particle board (720Kg/m3). The surface can be coated with anti-static HPL and conductive PVC. The bottom is made of high-quality galvanized sheet (or aluminum) and sealed with conductive rubber strips around it.


  600x 600×32mm 

• Light weight and low noise;
• The dimensions are accurate and the floor can be interchanged freely;
• Good carrying capacity, fire performance up to B2 level, excellent anti-static performance;
• Good sealing and strong moisture resistance;

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