Aluminum alloy anti-static ventilation floor

Product structure 
The aluminum alloy floor adopts high-pressure die-casting process. After the aluminum ingot is melted, it is vacuum-cast-formed by a high-pressure die-casting machine. It combines the corrosion-resistant and high-strength characteristics of the aluminum alloy. The surface of the floor can be epoxy powdered or nickel-chromium plated as needed. Thereby the surface achieves soft light, anti-corrosion and wear resistance.

• New structural design, high dimensional accuracy, and not easy to deform;
• Light weight, high density, high strength and high load carrying capacity;
• Waterproof, fireproof, anti-corrosive, anti-magnetic, non-polluting, non-radiative;
• The performance is extremely stable and never decays, and the static conduction performance is good;
• Recyclable, economical;

Ventilation panel

"Yu Kuan" ventilation plate has a ventilation rate of 10%~25%. It is equipped with ventilation regulator according to need, meets various industrial ventilation requirements from 0~25%, and can be installed together with any type of "Yikuan" aluminum floor. exchange.

Grill plate

Aluminum alloy grille flooring is mainly used for laying all kinds of clean rooms (such as laboratories with high air cleanliness, semiconductor production workshops, hospital laboratories).

Aluminum alloy circular hole ventilation plate (55% ventilation rate)

Structure description
Pure aluminum die-casting circular hole ventilation plate with high load capacity and high ventilation capacity (55% ventilation rate). The bottom is equipped with a regulator to meet the ventilation requirements of 0~55%. It can be used with all steel anti-static floor and calcium sulfate anti-static. Any one of the floor, high-density composite anti-static floor, and aluminum alloy anti-static floor will be installed and replaced.


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