HPL veneer anti-static floor

The bottom plate is made of deep-stretched steel plate, the panel is made of hard SPCC steel plate, the upper and lower steel plates are stamped and spot-welded, the outer surface is phosphatized and then sprayed, and the middle hollow shell is filled with foamed cement to form a stable load-bearing structure after curing. The upper surface can be pasted with a highly wear-resistant anti-static HPL veneer, equipped with a network bracket and a square tube beam, and assembled with screws.




The four-sided conductive edge strips are extremely thin after the paving is completed. It is suitable for all kinds of high-end computer rooms and occasions where anti-static is required.

The “F” type edge strip is placed around the floor between the veneer and the steel plate. The side strips are pressed firmly and not easy to fall off. The seams after the paving are extremely thin, suitable for all kinds of high-grade machine rooms and occasions with anti-static requirements.

Widely used in computer centers, communication centers, data centers, radio and television transmission centers, power control dispatch centers, microwave communication stations, satellite ground stations, mobile communications, program-controlled telephone exchange, radio and television station editing control, and other professional computer rooms, integrated circuits, etc. Computer, communication, electronics, optical equipment production workshop, hospital operating room, anesthesia room, electronic imaging inspection room and other static-sensitive military, petrochemical and other inflammable and explosive places and cultural and entertainment centers, star-rated hotels, intelligent office buildings, etc. 


Veneer material
• High wear-resistant anti-static HPL veneer
• PVC conductive electrostatic veneer
• Ceramic tile
• Cellar
• Linen flooring
• Granite/Marble


The anti-static floor system consists of a floor, a beam and a support. Provides a high-loaded anti-static work surface and a space for laying various lines on the lower part. Cable boxes and ground sockets can be installed on the ground, and the bottom of the board can be freely routed. The support can be adjusted at will. The beam and its height-adjustable support are screwed into a stable lower support system, and the floor is embedded in the square enclosed by the beam.

The surface system resistance value is 1x104~1x109Ω, HPL/PVC veneer can be selected; when the concentrated load refers to the winding degree ≤2mm, the installation height is 100~300mm, and other heights can be customized.
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