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Anti-static raised floor use and maintenance requirements
Release date: 2018-08-15
As a specialist in the production of steel anti-static flooring, we know that traditional anti-static ground treatment technology is inadequate. After years of painstaking research, we have successfully developed an anti-static series of flooring. It solves the challenges of fire protection and long-term anti-static, and retains all the advantages of traditional products. The following are the requirements for the use and maintenance of anti-static raised floor, let's take a look!

Use and maintenance requirements

1. Use environment: The temperature and humidity of laying anti-static raised floor should be 15 °C-35 °C and 45%-75% RH.

2. Maintenance requirements:

(1) It is forbidden to operate directly on the floor surface with a sharp instrument to prevent damage to the anti-static properties and appearance of the floor surface.

(2) It is forbidden for workers to jump from high places to elevated raised floor during use, and it is forbidden for workers to brutally operate the floor when handling equipment.

(3) When moving the equipment on the raised raised floor, it should be lifted and moved and cannot be moved on the raised floor.

(4) The equipment in the equipment room is heavy, and the equipment should be on the foundation; do not place it directly on the raised raised floor, and the long-term load bearing will cause deformation.

(5) When the equipment is kept under the raised raised floor, the raised raised floor should be raised by the lift and cannot be removed with sharp tools.

(6) Clean the raised floor with a vacuum cleaner or mop, and do not spill liquid on the floor.

(7) Anti-static movable floor surface can be regularly added with anti-static wax to ensure long-term use.
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