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Exploring the causes of network floor cracking
Release date: 2018-04-11
For the company, in order to arrange the network cable well, the network floor is usually selected, which is very in line with the relevant requirements. At the same time, it is worth noting that cracking often occurs, which seriously affects the overall quality. There will be some harm.

Huimai anti-static floor manufacturer introduced the main reason for the cracking of the network floor is that its quality does not meet the national standards, because the northern climate is too dry, the environmental humidity in the machine room does not meet the national environmental norms, and then the melamine is shortened. The shell presents a cracking appearance and presents very severe results. And because the humidity is not up to standard, the static electricity inside the machine room will not be released, and then the equipment will be faulty, and if it is severe, it will even cause a fire.

The second reason is due to the different characteristics of the regions. According to the specific climate of the North and South, it is best to choose a network floor of different materials. From the manufacturer's point of view, it is recommended to use PVC in the northern region, that is, composite PVC and conductive PVC flooring; in the south, high-wear HPL melamine veneers can be selected.

The third reason is that the humidity inside the equipment room failed to meet the national standards. When laying the network floor, we must ensure that the ambient temperature and the humidity of the environment inside the machine room conform to the national regulations. It is best to make the ambient temperature of 23 ° C and the ambient humidity: 45% RH to 55% RH.
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