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How to install the anti-static floor in the computer room?
Release date: 2018-05-23
In daily life, we often see an anti-static floor installed in the machine room, which has the function of dissipating static electricity. So, how should we install the anti-static floor of the computer room? This article will let Xiaobian introduce you to the installation method of anti-static floor in the computer room.

1. Before installing the anti-static floor of the equipment room, the construction personnel must ensure that the ground construction and decoration construction have been completed, the ground is clean, tidy, no debris, no dust; the circuit, waterway, air-conditioning system laid under the ground has been laid; large equipment The base is fixed and the base of the equipment is installed and the height of the base is the same as the height of the floor surface.

2. Determine the anti-static floor specifications of the equipment room according to the actual environment. If it is convenient for wiring, the height of the anti-static floor of the equipment room can be set to 250 mm. If the air conditioner is to be installed for environmental heat dissipation, the size of the anti-static floor of the equipment room should be controlled. At 400 mm.

3. Ensure that the anti-static floor of the equipment room is laid in the same plane, set the network grid of the support, adjust the height of the support to the same height, and cut the surrounding floor.

4. Fix the support with screws and correct the beam with tools such as a horizontal ruler and a square ruler to ensure that they are perpendicular to each other in the same plane. After that, place an anti-static floor on the beam.

5. During the laying process, be sure to handle it gently to avoid scratching the floor and damaging the edge strips. When installing heavy equipment in the equipment room, you can add brackets under the base of the anti-static floor of the equipment room to prevent deformation of the floor.

6. After the laying is completed, the acceptance should be carried out to ensure that the floor is solid and firm. The walking of the personnel on the top will not cause the swaying feeling and the friction of the raised floor. The surface of the anti-static floor has no scratches and the coating does not fall off.
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