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For the machine room, what is the effectiveness of anti-static floor performance?
Release date: 2018-06-13
The choice of anti-static floor involves many factors, but the important factor is the type of shoes people wear in the computer room. In most cases, footwear cannot be controlled in a computer room. For this reason, it is always recommended that you choose your floor as the premise is that the floor needs to prevent static electricity, regardless of what you choose to wear in the computer room.

From this perspective, the selection process allows you to suppress anyone's static generation at any time, regardless of humidity, server or application sensitivity, and the server's key characteristics for your task or operation.

In general, the effectiveness of anti-static floor performance in the equipment room is based on:

1. The ability of a floor to prevent static electricity from being prioritized. Regardless of the type of shoes worn by people who are in traffic, humidity or space. This ability is known to prevent body voltage generation or BVG.

2. The intrinsic ability of the ground is grounded. This is also known as finding a "ground path" that can be tracked.
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