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Changzhou Huimai Activity Flooring Co., Ltd. is specialized in the development, research, manufacture, production, sales and installation of anti-static flooring and network flooring. The company is located in Changzhou, the south of the Yangtze River and the coast of Taihu Lake. Changzhou is located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta. The geographical position is unique and the transportation is very convenient.

In the product development and design, it has achieved pioneering and breakthrough, and the diversified products are directly connected with international products, allowing customers to enjoy a more advanced, more intimate and more convenient use environment. The impact of the company is not limited to the industry, but more importantly, its powerful radiation power can drive a more active and sensible product purchase model. Enable customers to identify and use the right products more clearly.

The main products are: all steel raised floor (OA network overhead floor, OA500 network floor, OA600 network floor, trunking network floor, trunking overhead floor), anti-static floor, permanent PVC and HPL (trimeric hydrogen ammonia fireproof board) ), PVC anti-static floor, all steel ventilation overhead floor, tile surface elevated raised floor, wooden composite raised floor, aluminum alloy anti-static raised floor calcium sulfate raised floor and other specifications of overhead raised floor, a full range. Products are widely used in high-end intelligent office buildings, intelligent office buildings, electronic computer room, communication room control room network center, computer room, TV transmitter information center, military command station control room, various laboratories, clean workshops, power supply The system control room, and some pipelines are relatively concentrated, pipelines, installation, maintenance, and other places requiring high anti-static.

The company has gathered a group of high-quality, motivated, honest and dedicated professionals with great cooperation spirit, and has established a construction team with strict professional training, professional knowledge and mature technology. Product consultation, design concept, professional construction, proper maintenance and other aspects have the strength and foundation to provide a full range of services for the majority of users, and differentiated and differentiated from other companies, thus ensuring Huimai's own advantages.

Confidence comes from our strength, advanced equipment and advanced technology, skilled employees, giving us unparalleled quality and winning a place in the fierce competition. Reliable quality, fast delivery and excellent after-sales service are the guarantees we give to our customers.

The quality of the product is the foundation of the enterprise, and the interests of the user are above all else! The choice of us is because of the high quality products, reasonable price and considerate service!

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